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Catlin Alternative Terrorism Insurance

Material damage and business interruption insurance policies exclude terrorism – and the standard Pool Re terrorism arrangement, designed to bridge the gap, has significant limitations. So we work with Catlin Insurance Co UK Ltd to offer an attractive terrorism insurance option for commercial and residential property owners.

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We offer an alternative terrorism insurance policy from Catlin Insurance, offering a broader and more flexible range of cover than the standard Pool Re scheme.

We will quote you for both Pool Re and Catlin terrorism insurance, but please speak to our specialist team for sound guidance on which is best for your property or portfolio. Visit our Pool Re page.

Please note: Unlike Pool Re, Catlin’s cover excludes losses arising from nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological terrorism. However, for an additional premium, Catlin may quote for this on either a full or first-loss basis.

Catlin terrorism insurance for property offers:

  • Wider cover than Pool Re
  • Broader definitions of terrorism
  • Attractive pricing
  • Cover for international, commercial & residential properties
  • Cover for property in the Channel Islands & the Isle of Man
  • Cover for sabotage and ideological acts
  • Cover for acts by persons acting alone

This is a summary of the policy features, full information and details of the policy terms and conditions are available upon request.

Pool Re terrorism insurance – disadvantages
  • It only covers terrorism intended to influence or overthrow the government (and not, for example, action by animal-rights groups)
  • You depend on HM Treasury deciding whether an act was terrorist in nature
  • Cover excludes persons acting alone
  • Cover excludes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
  • Cover excludes residential properties occupied by the owner
  • You can’t protect individual properties; you must insure your entire property portfolio
  • Pricing is not always competitive
Catlin terrorism insurance – advantages
  • Cover is similar to Pool Re but extends to include sabotage, acts committed for political, religious or ideological purposes (eg animal right, environmental), and acts which solely put the public in fear
  • You don’t depend on HM Treasury to agree whether an event was terrorism
  • Cover is usually more attractively priced
  • Cover can include your residential property
  • Cover can extend to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
  • Cover can include properties throughout the world
  • Not every property in the portfolio must be included (but please note that any properties excluded cannot be left with Pool Re)

Please be sure to ask our specialist property insurance team about which type of terrorism insurance is best for you.