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Pool RE Terrorism Insurance

If you’re a commercial property owner, you’ll be concerned about the real and growing threat of terrorism. But did you know that terrorism cover is excluded from all standard UK insurance policies? That’s why we offer terrorism insurance to complement your property cover.

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A terror attack could cause significant damage to your commercial property, and disruption to the business renting it. Yet most standard commercial property insurance policies don’t cover acts of terrorism, so you could be faced with substantial repair bills. You might also face uninsured loss of rent.

Terrorism insurance is also a requirement for many commercial property leases, and is often listed as a condition for bank lending. So give yourself peace of mind all round by asking us to arrange terrorism cover for your property.

Pool Re terrorism insurance

Most UK insurers participate in the Pool Re scheme, which was set up in conjunction with HM Government in 1993 following a series of attacks related to the Northern Ireland troubles. Pool Re responds to terrorism losses which, before 1993, would have been covered by your property insurer. In the event of a very major incident which led to Pool Re’s funds being exhausted, HM Government would step in to fund surplus losses.

What Pool Re covers

The Pool Re terrorism insurance scheme covers England, Scotland and Wales (but not the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland; the government operates a separate compensation scheme in Northern Ireland). It covers losses resulting from damage to commercial property caused by terrorism and from subsequent business interruption. It is provided on an all-risks basis, so it includes damage caused to commercial properties by chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear terrorism. Exclusions include cyber terrorism and war-related terrorism risks.

The motives of terrorists are not taken into account where Pool Re terrorism insurance is concerned, but attacks must be committed by individuals connected to an organisation which is seeking to influence or overthrow a government by force or violence.

Catlin Insurance Co (UK) Ltd – your alternative terrorism cover

Commercial property owners are also advised that, since we believe that the standard Pool Re scheme has some shortcomings, we also offer an attractively priced alternative from Catlin.

We will quote for both options, but please do take the opportunity to discuss your needs with our specialist commercial property insurance team.

Pool Re offers commercial property owners:
  • All-risks cover for acts of terrorism
  • Cover for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear terrorism
  • Compensation for damage to property
  • Cover for loss of rent/business interruption

Please ask us whether Pool Re or Catlin Insurance offers the best terrorism cover for your property.

This is a summary of the policy features, full information and details of the policy terms and conditions are available upon request.