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The new TravelCert app from Arthur J. Gallagher. Now available to you. Arthur J. Gallagher has developed TravelCert to support organisations to manage their group travel administration and provide accurate data to insurers.


TravelCert will allow users to register their travel details, enter emergency contact and other useful information, and will automatically issue a travel certificate if the relevant eligibility criteria have been met. Where a user attempts to enter a trip which does not comply with the terms of the travel policy, for example travel to a restricted territory, the user will be referred to their organisation’s Insurance Office where the request can be dealt with on an individual basis.

Sign up to TravelCert today and benefit from a huge reduction in travel administration. TravelCert provides:

The Benefits:
  • Automatic generation of travel certificate if within the scope of the travel policy
  • Email alert when a travel certificate has been issued
  • Referral to the Insurance Office where additional clarification is required
  • The ability to provide the most accurate travel data to insurers
  • Easy identification of the number of travellers and their location at any one time
  • A reduction in the number of “omissions” when reporting travel data to insurers

What do you need to do?

TravelCert is available to our clients. TravelCert can be tailored to reflect some specific restrictions to your organisation’s travel policy, including restricted territories or personal possession limits.

You will be provided with a unique Activation Code for your organisation which must be made available to potential users either via your intranet or from the insurance office.

You will also need to ensure that details of your specific travel terms and conditions are made available to potential users and any exceptions relevant to anyone travelling on the organisation’s behalf are provided when the Activation Code is given to a new user.

For more information about how to access TravelCert and any associated fees please contact your usual Arthur J. Gallagher representative or sales_education@ajg.com for more details.