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Crisis Management

As the nature of business turns increasingly global and evolves further into the digital age, the potential for security threats against organisations is rising exponentially. With increased international travel and growth in opportunities in emerging markets and unfamiliar territories, security risks are becoming more and more complex.

Crisis Management

Organisations are under much more scrutiny than they have ever been before and need to demonstrate, both internally and externally, that they are taking the necessary precautions to protect their people, assets, data and reputation.


Security threats, such as terrorism, political violence, kidnap and ransom, and cyber risks can cause serious operational disruption, financial loss or adverse publicity that can impact your business and profits. Therefore, suitable measures need to be taken to ensure you have a strong risk control and crisis management strategy in place.


Our crisis consulting team brings together in excess of 100 years of “hands on” operational and insurance market experience in the counter terrorism, kidnap and ransom, recall and political risks arena.


Drawing on this experience and through knowledge gained by thoroughly getting to know our clients’ businesses, their objectives and the individual situations that may put them at risk, we are able to develop unique and innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


We have developed a number of solutions and consulting services to help clients to anticipate and prevent security threats, and to respond and recover from exposures should the need arise.


Using our Farseer modelling and rating tool, our consultants can map exposures, analyse the potential risks and evaluate Probable Maximum Loss (PML) ratios across our clients’ asset portfolios. For more information on our modelling tool, please see our Crisis Management brochure.

We offer expert services in the following areas:
  • Threat and risk reviews to establish asset, data, people, reputation and contract risk exposures.
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reviews to reinforce risk transfer across a range of liabilities.
  • Threat awareness through online training and information packages.
  • Country risk reports, city safety reports and global travel alerts.
  • Organisation resilience reviews and strategic risk consulting.
  • Development of crisis management and safe travel plans.
  • Business continuity support.
  • Customised solutions for senior executives and high net worth individuals.