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5 June 2016New Government proposals to tighten regulatory oversight for labour suppliers.

New Government proposals to tighten regulatory oversight for labour suppliers.

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The January 2016 Government White Paper on exploitation in the labour market heralds some likely changes in legislation - and an increase in the regulatory powers of DEFRA’s Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) that currently is restricted to labour supply in the horticulture, agriculture and shellfish harvesting/ packaging markets.

While GLA funding is comparatively small, it recently won the first Trafficking Prevention Order under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 in a precedent case that looks set to provide the GLA with significantly wider powers of investigation and enforcement – as well as increased funding.

The main insurance and risk based implications relate to employers’ liability (EL) and Health & Safety responsibilities – but the big change is not just for firms operating in the GLA’s traditional sectors. All labour suppliers - and those firms employing through a labour supplier - across all UK labour markets will become subject to GLA oversight.

It’s a marked change of regulatory scope that means it’s time to check your processes and start preparing for compliance.

In this bulletin, we take a look at how the changes could affect you and also run you though some important associated changes to Health & Safety legislation.

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