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2 March 2017The year of uncertainty: Trade Credit’s outlook for 2017

The year of uncertainty: Trade Credit’s outlook for 2017

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With Donald Trump taking over the United States presidency, the beginnings of Brexit, the implications this could have on UK and EU trade agreements and the currency instability these factors are generating, it’s no wonder that the key topic for 2017 is uncertainty.

In this article, Arthur J. Gallagher’s Trade Credit team highlight some of the key areas of uncertainty for 2017 including low growth, insolvency rates, increasing costs and political disquietude and what this could mean for your business.

2017 isn’t just about uncertainty however, it’s also about resilience. Also discussed is the role that Trade Credit insurance can play in reinforcing your business against undue risk. Learn how effective cover could help you to protect yourself against the domino effect created by insolvent businesses and the upheaval generated by political events.

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