Asbestos Surveys

While asbestos was withdrawn for use as a building material in 1999, you’re still likely to find it in buildings that pre-date the ban – in anything from sprayed and textured decorative coatings, pipe insulation and insulating boards to window panels, floor tiles and roof sheeting. It’s down to you to check any installations on-site that may contain asbestos.


That’s why we've teamed up with carefully selected partners to bring you expert asbestos surveying that’ll help mitigate risks and keep your people safe from exposure. Independent, UKAS-approved laboratories carry out all our asbestos survey analysis.

Standard sampling asbestos surveys

The standard sampling asbestos survey is the most common type. We sample across the site - depending on its the size and complexity – providing you with a clear picture of asbestos types and concentrations so you can build an accurate risk assessment. However, the standard asbestos sampling survey does not include breaking into voids or inaccessible areas and as such may miss any asbestos present there.

Asbestos demolition survey

Designed for refurbishment or demolition projects, our full access asbestos survey includes invasive investigations into reasonably accessible sealed voids and the fabric of the building. The survey includes breaking through partition walls and ceilings to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos. We typically carry out the survey prior to demolition or major refurbishment works where significant damage to the building isn’t an issue.

Asbestos monitoring

When we find asbestos, we’ll help you design an annual monitoring regime that involves the inspection of all known asbestos materials within the building. We monitor its location and condition and we’ll update the building asbestos register, site management and location plans accordingly.

If you would like to find out how we can help protect your people and lower your risk, contact our team today.