Competent Persons Service

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 place a requirement on employers to have access to a competent person to advise on assessing risks and taking appropriate preventative measures.

Competent Persons Insurance

Small to medium sized businesses can find the cost of employing someone to carry out this role restrictive. This is why we offer a Competent Person Service, designed to meet this legal obligation of having a competent person on hand to advise, without your organisation having to take on the additional administrative and financial pressure of hiring an additional member of staff.

Experienced consultants, comprehensive risk assessment

As part of this service, one of our knowledgeable consultants would act as your safety adviser for the period of one year. Our consultant will complete an initial Safety Healthcheck Baseline Audit which is designed to ensure your obligations surrounding risk assessment and prevention have been met. Arthur J. Gallagher will also issue a Certificate of Appointment, which you can present to prove legal requirements have been met.

What we offer

Our consultant will visit your organisation and produce a report providing an overview of the main health and safety issues present, including where you are failing to comply with health and safety legislation and any significant risks. Acting as your adviser, they will then create an action plan to identify your key risk priorities alongside clear guidance on how to address these.

Ongoing support for your organisations

Our Competent Person Service provides ongoing support to help you carry out your action plan including telephone support via our helpline and access to our triannual newsletter which covers changes to legislation as well as updates, advice and free resources. Subject to renewal, your consultant will continue to make annual visits to discuss your progress, carry out workplace inspections and help your organisation to develop comprehensive safety management systems.

If you would like to find out how we can help fulfil your legal obligation to have access a competent person, contact our team today.