Environmental Risk Management

Environmental performance is fast becoming critical to businesses across all sectors of all sizes. Beginning with the 1997 Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a range of EU directives have come into force - such as the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) - created to prevent significant environmental damage by forcing industrial polluters to pay prevention and remediation costs.

Solar panels

This means your business is now exposed to higher energy and waste disposal costs as well as increased regulatory pressure - the UK regulator the Environment Agency is already starting to prosecute for less serious offences using civil actions. Many companies have embraced Corporate Social Responsibility charters that include environmental sustainability and are now recalibrating the supply chain for a green competitive edge.

The bottom line is that today’s environmental obligations have transformed business risk and opportunity. We understand how to help you work within the sustainability framework profitably and reputably - while mitigating non-compliance risks.

Environmental management used to be undertaken only when it could deliver savings. Now it is becoming a significant measure of stakeholder and shareholder value.

With a proven track record, we’ll identify, analyse, quantify, mitigate and transfer your environmental risk using a range of bespoke services tailored to the needs of your business that include:
  • Gap analysis: we audit your existing processes to identify non-compliance with statutory regulation and any potential financial exposures
  • Environmental system design: we engineer end-to-end environmental strategies, including full risk assessment
  • Certification: covering IPPC Certification Preparation and Divestment and ISO14001 & BS8555 pre-accreditation preparation
  • Documentation: includes annual board report writing as required under the Companies Act 2006.