Housing Association Claims Management

A claim is the real test of any insurance policy. Will you get the settlement you deserve? We take a hands-on approach to managing your claim through to the best possible conclusion.

Social Housing Claims Management

Because we’re a broker, not the insurer, we’re on your side. Our approach gives housing associations the best of both worlds: the quick settlement you’d expect from dealing direct with an insurer plus impartial advice from an independent broker. Plus our specialist risk management services will help you prevent claims and keep their value down.

We’re a proactive broker

Our social housing team takes an active role in managing every claim: your claim won’t get lost in a call-centre or left to go cold. Plus, we do it all in-house – and our team only works with social housing, so we understand all the issues.

We can make claims payments directly

We log, record, negotiate and agree most claims ourselves, without the need to refer to the insurer. We routinely make claims payments direct to housing associations.

Benefit from our sector metrics

We’ll benchmark your housing association against your peers, so you can see how your premiums, claims values, excesses and losses measure up.

Incident management

Some housing association claims are more lengthy, complex and/or high-value. Our incident management team can help to ensure you’re fully prepared to meet the multiple challenges of any crisis by:

Our incident management team can help you with:
  • developing, refining and testing your prevention and response policies
  • setting clear roles and responsibilities
  • implementing a response when an incident happens
  • putting internal and public relations systems in place
  • calling in experts such as investigators or PR specialists
  • ensuring you have appropriate business continuity insurance
  • handling your claims with single or multiple insurers
You’ll get personal service from your claims manager, who will:
  • help you prepare your claim for the best chance of a successful outcome
  • offer advice to help get each claim seen quickly
  • help to negotiate a fast and satisfactory settlement
  • give you the advantage of their extensive experience and knowledge of the insurers