Human Resources Risk Management

The growing complexity of employment and discrimination law, multi-cultural sensitivities in the workplace and employees who are ever more aware of their employment rights means one thing – an increased risk of litigation.

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Tribunals are often expensive, sometimes vexatious and can take your eye off the main task – running your business. With the removal of the right to retire older staff, increases in part-time employees with specific legal entitlements plus changes to maternity and paternity entitlements, Human Resources (HR) risk management is becoming increasingly important for businesses across the UK.

That’s why we have joined forces with carefully selected partners to create an integrated human resources and risk management solution that combines HR compliance with expert HR advice, interactive and helpful online tools, integrated bespoke Health & Safety solutions and specialist insurance packages, shaped precisely around your combined HR and Health & Safety risk.

The solution is backed by a range of bespoke employment litigation insurance covers that include:
  • Tribunals: covering you for legal costs and awards arising from an employment or discrimination claim
  • Costs: covering you for defence costs in Health & Safety, corporate manslaughter, environmental or trading standards prosecution
  • Designated claims: protecting your directors and managers
  • Wider risks: covering you for other risks including taxation and data protection claims and losses from employee dishonesty
  • Claims: expert insurance claims handling that delivers the support you need, right when you need it

Our solution helps reduce your risk profile, saves you time and can remove the expense of consulting solicitors – and ensures you have the processes and protections in place that minimise the threat of employment and regulatory litigation against your business.

Like to find out how our combined HR and H&S solutions can help mitigate the litigation claims against your business?  Contact our team today.