Insurance Valuations

Under insurance leads to a shortfall in any claim settlement and can have a profound effect on the survival of your business. Over insurance simply means you pay an excessively high premium for no benefit and needlessly high insurance overheads. That’s why accurate asset valuations are crucial.

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It’s only too easy to let your asset valuations become outdated and inaccurate –  with negative implications for your risk profile.  Through our strategic partnership with Charterfields, we have the expertise to make sure you’re assets are covered correctly – first time, every time:

  • Advice: Charterfields will audit your current values to make sure they are reasonable and give you useful insight into the operational business issues that influence your levels of cover. Charterfields will also help you with guide declared value ranges for your assets, enabling you to integrate new items into your insurance portfolio quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Assessment and valuation: It’s not just about simple market value – it’s also about the hidden costs like rebuilding, site clearing or debris removal, the professional fees you may incur and the indemnities for your business if operations are interrupted. A professional valuation will help ensure you are not out of pocket at the moment of truth.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Good valuation risk management is also about monitoring – whether it’s for regional variation, capital expenditure, cost movements or exchange rate fluctuations.

Like to find out how we can make sure your asset valuations protect both your business and your bottom line? Contact our team today.