Non-Intrusive Water System Surveys

If you’re a landlord, agent, building owner or operator, just as with your electrical inspections, you’ll need to survey your water systems to mitigate any risks and satisfy your insurers, especially if you have suffered recent water damage claims. Simple on paper but complex and time consuming in practice.

Water pudle

We work with carefully selected partners to offer an end-to-end, non-intrusive water systems survey that’s find tuned for insurance compliance, and will help you identify risks, and then mitigate them to lower your overall exposure to water damage. Being non-intrusive, the professional surveys mean there’s no need to disturb the structure of your property or building.

Undertaken by a qualified, accredited and independent engineer, the survey will map the buildings water system, scope out its water history and provide you with the findings, evidence, testing and recommendations you need for total compliance peace of mind.

Non-intrusive water system surveys cover:
  • Domestic hot and cold water systems
  • Town mains
  • Rain and surface water removal
  • Cold Water Down Services (CWDS) tank-fed systems and boosted water systems
  • Low Pressure Hot Water (LWPH) heating systems – communal or individual
  • Fire sprinkler systems
Non-intrusive water system survey inspections include:
  • Construction material of systems pipework
  • Pipework size with visual inspection where appropriate
  • Examination of previous repairs
  • Cold water tank inspection
  • LPHW closed system and water hardness tests