Online Risk Management Service

Professional online risk support at the click of a mouse. Whatever type of organisation you run, you’ll face risks. A combination of legislative requirements and pressure from insurers mean you need to be able to identify those risks and plan for how to deal with them.

Worker using a computer

Easily said – but a burden if you lack the resources or the knowledge to make sure your organisation is sufficiently compliant.

That’s why we’ve designed an easy to use, self-help website to help you understand and address your Health & Safety and business continuity obligations. It guides you through the whole process so you can quickly grasp the policies and procedures you need across Health & Safety and business continuity planning.

Our online Health & Safety information, documentation and templates help you:
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and mitigate claims
  • Attain legal compliance
  • Reduce costs and implement good business practices
Discover practical business continuity planning advice and tools to help you:
  • Identify potential threats and quantify risk
  • Highlight your firm’s key assets and resources
  • Access the right alternative resources in the event of an incident such as fire, flood or theft

Like to find out how our professional online support tool can help put your business on a firmer footing? Visit our Online Risk Management Portal today or Contact our team.