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Vehicle CCTV and Safety Systems

Your motor fleet represents a major investment in people, time, capital and assets. It’s also a major source of risk to your business through accidents, injury and fraudulent motor claims.


Plus there’s the impact of missed deliveries, downtime, replacement staffing and the high costs and delays associated with repairs and temporary hire. The final costs of even a minor accident can escalate - fast.

Welcome to Smart Witness - one of the most recognised on-board CCTV solutions – available to Arthur J. Gallagher clients with an exclusive discount. 

Smart Witness helps you establish the facts, identify liability and counter fraudulent claims using cost-effective CCTV technology that potentially protects you from fraud and can help reduce your fleet premiums.

It’s the smart way to encourage safer driving, reduce accident frequency, detect insurance fraud, control claims, mitigate whiplash and PI claims - plus can help deliver long term fleet premium reductions.

  • Exclusive discount for Arthur J. Gallagher clients
  • Effective protection against driving offence allegations and motor insurance fraud
  • Proven to reduce accident frequency and loss ratios
  • A neutral version of events before, during and after an accident/incident – including in blind spots
  • Black box technology logs your vehicle driving history
  • Encourages safer driving, improves road safety and fuel economy, reduces wear and tear
  • Improves your Health & Safety profile
  • Quickly resolves conflicting reports by drivers and witnesses
  • Speeds up insurance claims using irrefutable, recorded evidence that’s fully compliant
  • Provides useful recordings for use in driver training
  • Works with cars, motorbikes, vans and commercial vehicles of any size

Like to find out how Smart Witness can help reduce your fleet risks, reduce premium costs and tackle fraudulent motor claims?  Speak to one of our team today.