Zoo & Wildlife Insurance

Arthur J. Gallagher is a member of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). Working with institutions across the country, we understand the commercial zoo ecosystem and your need to mitigate complex risks cost-effectively and precisely.

Giraffes at a wildlife reserve

We also understand the issues you face in today’s economic climate: revenue diversification, reduced footfall and lower sales coupled with a rise in arson, vandalism, employee theft and false claims.

Our experienced, highly qualified team is here to help, backed by the zoo and wildlife insurance expertise you expect from a leading national broker. Competitive premiums and flexible policy wordings ensure we deliver protection you can rely on.

Zoological attractions operate to extensive compliance, health, safety and animal husbandry regulations that generate unique risks and demand unique cover. That’s why it’s good to know there’s a zoo and wildlife insurance broking partner out there who speaks your language.

We can offer you expert solutions across areas that include:
  • Buildings: enclosures, lodges, ticket office and cover for non-standard construction materials like timber
  • Seasonality: protection designed to suit your cash flow
  • Card/online payments: cover based on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Cash: policy protection and processes to safeguard cash turnover
  • Fire safety & security: risk profiling and management
  • Veterinary: treatment, care and breeding
  • Travel & customs: protecting your people and your animals in transit and overseas
  • Experience days: liability and exposure protection for humans and animals
  • Emergency planning: 24/7 continuity, medical, veterinary and civil protection
  • Access: restricted areas, disabled access, fencing, barriers, enclosures, workshops
  • Liability: specialised employers’ and public liability protection
  • Health & Safety: including vehicle movements, play equipment, play areas and rides
  • Food: hygiene, preparation and storage compliance cover for kiosks and public catering

Like to find out how our zoo and wildlife insurance can provide the right protection for your business? Contact our specialist team today.