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Casualty Team

Meet the team

  • David Gray-headshot
    David Gray
    Executive Director
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  • Andrzej Danyluk-headshot
    Andrzej Danyluk
    Executive Director - Casualty
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  • Simon Henderson-headshot
    Simon Henderson
    Executive Director
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  • Alan Bennett-headshot
    Alan Bennett
    Executive Director- Casualty
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  • Andrew Tyrrell-headshot
    Andrew Tyrrell
    Executive Director-Casualty
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  • Gemma Field-headshot
    Gemma Field
    Associate Director- Casualty Worldwide
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  • Laureen T. Wright-headshot
    Laureen T. Wright
    Account Executive- Casualty
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  • Grant Thomas-headshot
    Grant Thomas
    Director - Personal Accident
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  • Jayasri Pillai-headshot
    Jayasri Pillai
    Senior Placement Specialist
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  • Lizzie List-headshot
    Lizzie List
    Junior Account Executive
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