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Originally establishing our Latin American investment over nine years ago, Arthur J. Gallagher initially expanded into Colombia with a 65% shareholding in independent Colombian energy and construction specialist ARM Re Ltda (ARM). In May 2014, ARM Re officially became Arthur J. Gallagher Colombia Re, establishing a market presence with new products, a new team and innovative reinsurance programs. Further expansion into the Colombian retail insurance broking space occurred in 2015 through our acquisition of a controlling stake in Guianza S.A. Corredores de Seguros (Guianza).

The operation is now led by Chief Executive Carlos Rodriguez Angulo, formerly Head of Sales & Partner at JLT Re Colombia. Carlos joined ARM at the time Arthur J. Gallagher contracted to buy the shareholding and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance and the reinsurance sectors.

Today our Colombia office is characterized by integrity, transparency, economic strength and professionalism. At Arthur J. Gallagher we pride ourselves on creating solutions to help mitigate the risks faced by our customers and our Colombian office encapsulates this, offering global resources paired with local knowledge.

Arthur J. Gallagher in Colombia

Our shared values, corporate culture and passion for excellence has led Arthur J. Gallagher to become one of the world’s largest risk management and insurance brokering companies. We are a business without barriers, handling a broad range of risks across industries on either a direct or a wholesale basis.  Our solid relationships with the global and London markets, alongside our commitment to being an ethical company means we can be trusted to provide the right cover at a competitive price.

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