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Our Swedish operations were launched in 2016 with the acquisition of construction and export specialist Brim AB (“Brim”) and cemented this year with our investment in insurer and broker Nordic.


Arthur J. Gallagher holds an 85% stake in Swedish specialist insurance and reinsurance broker Brim AB. With revenues of US$11.4m and employing 29 people, Brim is a specialty broker with a first-class client base of around 2,000 diverse clients served by two core practices.

Brim provides risk management and insurance solutions for the Nordic industrial and financial sectors. Armed with insider knowledge of traditional large-scale industry as well as world-class financial expertise, we work to improve your customer’s profitability through risk management strategies and specialist products.

Our key specialisms:

  • The construction industry
  • Credit and Political Risk
  • Project Insurance
  • Affinity
  • Reinsurance


Our latest acquisition, Nordic Insurance and Benefits AB (“Nordic”) specialise in a broad range of financial services, health insurance and employee and payroll benefits. Formed in 2002 and based in Gothenburg, Nordic are also a shareholder of the Swedish Insurance Group – one of the main players in the market for company-paid pensions and insurance. Nordic also specialise in sports insurance for athletes of all abilities.

Like Arthur J. Gallagher, Nordic prides itself on its ethics, specialist knowledge and visible market presence. Nordic keep things straightforward with a personal touch, and their long-standing relationships with both suppliers and clients are testament to this. Competence, accessibility and clarity are the touchstones of their service.

Our key specialisms:
  • Financial services
  • Health insurance
  • Payroll benefits
  • Pensions
  • Sports insurance