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We never lose sight of the fact that claims support is a critical element of the Gallagher service to its clients. The claims professionals within the Gallagher family pride themselves on making a positive difference to the outcome of any claim you may need to make. You can rely on our focus, experience and technical depth and clients tell us that we are a valuable and formidable asset.

Making a Claim

It is important to notify your claim, or an incident that may give rise to a claim, at the very earliest opportunity (ideally on the day of the incident), as any delay could affect the acceptance of your claim or lead to greater loss, damage or costs.

This also applies to any verbal or written correspondence in relation to claims intimated against you, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be liable or not. The sooner you tell us or your insurer about your claim, the sooner you will receive the appropriate guidance and support.

Your Gallagher contact and/or the insurance documentation provided to you at the time you purchased your cover will clearly set out who to contact in the event of a claim or an incident that may give rise to a claim.

Alternatively, if you don’t have that information to hand, please do not hesitate to contact our Claims Helpdesk on 03330 100 799 or who will be happy to assist with directing you to the most appropriate claims contact/s, be that within Gallagher, your Insurer or otherwise.

There is no doubt that the claims process can be complex and laborious, and prove a strain for any business or individual following an unforeseen event. And so our approach is simple:
  • We will work with you to understand your needs and priorities
  • We will find the most efficient and direct route to a claim resolution
  • We will obtain the maximum benefit allowable under the policies you have purchased - subject to any relevant terms and conditions
  • We will keep you fully informed and deliver on our aims.
“Providing claims support to our clients is a critical element of the Gallagher service offering.” - Mike Constanti, Chief Claims Officer