Crisis Resilience Insurance
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Crisis Resilience

Our unique, exclusive, comprehensive crisis resilience insurance can help you anticipate, respond to and recover from 16 major crises. It will help you to meet your duty of care, and protect you against disruption, financial loss & adverse publicity.

Crisis Resilience

You don’t have to be in a major city or unstable parts of the world to face a range of threats to your organisation, employees and the public. Businesses of all sizes, anywhere, face serious risks from terrorism, assaults, blackmail, cyber extortion, hijackings, sabotage and other major threats.

But it’s not enough just to react: you must have anticipated and planned for such threats, and have strong crisis management policies and procedures to put into immediate effect - as well as crisis resilience insurance. Otherwise, you could be found to have failed in your duty of care towards employees and the public.

A major crisis could hit your business hard – your ability to trade, your income and profitability, your reputation, and your ability to recruit and retain good people could all be at risk.

Our unique, exclusive Crisis Resilience insurance

Nowhere else will you find as much worldwide crisis insurance coverage, for as broad a range of events, with such an extensive range of risk management services, in one product and at a consolidated price. We offer 2 versions of our Crisis Resilience insurance:

  • £500 per year + IPT for businesses turning over £10m+ (available instantly online)
  • £195 per year + IPT for businesses under £10m

Which crises do we cover?

Usually, such broad coverage would demand multiple insurance policies – at a much higher cost. However, we cover 16 crises: terrorism, assault, blackmail, civil commotion, cyber extortion, deprivation, detention, disappearance, emergency repatriation, hijack, hostage crisis, kidnap, product tampering, sabotage, and stalking/threat.

What’s included in our Crisis Resilience insurance?

We include risk management consultancy, insurance, training & awareness-building, 24/7 response consultants, online risk insights (eg country risk profiles and crisis management plans), access to emergency funds, trauma counselling, and business recovery advice. We can help you repatriate stranded employees, liaise with local police, manage crisis communications, rehabilitate your reputation, and more.

Crisis Resilience insurance – highlights
  • Buy instantly online (larger businesses only)
  • 2 straightforward options, for turnovers above or below £10m
  • Bespoke and additional insurance available on request
  • Worldwide cover
  • Low, straightforward, one-off annual cost
  • 24-hour hotline for reporting even suspected incidents
  • Up to £5,000 of emergency funds
  • Up to £100,000 response consultancy & recovery expenses
  • Free online training videos
  • Start-ups and sole traders welcomed.

For more information, including example scenarios and training videos, please visit our Crisis Resilience website. Our crisis management team can also offer bespoke cover and higher limits, plus additional services such as crisis management reviews, crisis response plans and procedures, senior executive resilience reviews, operational feasibility studies, and reviews and planning for product extortion & malicious tampering.