Employee Benefit Consulting
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Employee Benefit Consulting

Forward-thinking employers recognise the importance of an equitable, consistent and innovative employee benefits programme – but not all of them have the experience, knowledge or resources to implement such a programme in-house.

Employee Benefits

Many organisations would love to be seen as a destination employer but achieving that status takes a significant amount of work over a long period of time, which can be difficult – especially when the organisation is focused on ‘core business’ and responding to its shifting challenges.

Whatever your reasons for reviewing your employee benefits programme, our consultants can help you to assess your current provision before designing, implementing and helping you maintain a programme which has the best chance of meeting your business goals. Our services include:

Benefit Consulting – Could your current programme be outdated, noncompetitive or costly? Is it truly benefiting your organisation? Our consultants can revitalise your benefits strategy with a fresh approach that appeals to your target demographic and delivers.

Group Risk – Effectively managing your risks and the insurance policies behind them prevents unforeseen impacts on your employees and your bottom line. Our award-winning service can help you achieve control, value and compliance.

Healthcare & Wellbeing – An effective healthcare programme can reduce staff absence, control costs and improve productivity. Our award-winning service could help you fulfil your duty of care and help employees back to work after an absence.

Workplace pensions – Your workplace pension scheme can be instrumental in retaining talent long term. We can support contribution design, bench-marking, scheme selection, employee education and auto-enrolment requirements so your scheme is an asset to your organisation.

Flexible Benefits – How about benefits which are truly personal to each individual? We can help you offer your increasingly diverse workforce the choice to tailor their benefits to their own lifestyles.

Communication – Engaging your employees through your employer brand, internal communications and benefits is key to your success. We can help you say the right thing about benefits, to the right people, in the right way and at the right time.

Employee Benefit Consulting – highlights

  • Improving your employee benefits can help to attract, engage and retain talent
  • We offer audits, research/surveys, benchmarking, programme design and harmonisation
  • We can support your benefits with strong communication and engagement strategies
  • We can help you to transition effectively through major change
  • Our consultancy can help you to fulfil your statutory duties
  • We can arrange personalised benefits plans, financial advice and insurance
  • A very effective exercise before, during and after a merger or acquisition
  • We are happy to review third-party providers and make recommendations
  • Ideal for helping multinationals achieve global parity and mobility
  • Over 3,300 employee benefits practitioners in 150 countries.

We are one of the UK’s fastest growing, most innovative Employee Benefit Consultancy firms, trusted by employers of all kinds and sizes. If you'd like to talk about how we could help your organisation, just get in touch for a no-obligation initial chat.