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Facilities Management - Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist facilities management insurance solutions help you control health and safety, maintenance, cleaning, security, environmental, employee welfare and legal exposures. We precisely design and match your facilities management insurance to the nuances of each contract.

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Two things remain constant in FM: significant contractual liability and major operational risk. Budgetary changes in the public sector are driving contracted-out services – as is demand for tailor-made services in non-core, total facilities management. Forecasts point to a UK market worth around £117 billion by 2017 - up from £106 billion in 20121: for you this opportunity means more bespoke services but greater contract complexity and increased insurance risk.

At Gallagher we can help you unpick that complexity. Our facilities management team comprises only seasoned, senior and expert individuals with the listening skills, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and deliver the agile risk management protection your business demands. The common understanding between broker and client ensures your risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with the needs of your business.

Our key facilities management insurance solutions include:
  • Public liability insurance: accidental damage, trips and slips and easy access to no win, no fee legal services all increase your risk if any third party suffers injury or harm to property as a result of the work you undertake.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance: your first and best defence should you face legal action breach of duty in your contract. However it’s not a contractual box-ticking exercise: we make sure your approach to PI precisely mirrors the specific risks you face.
  • Motor fleet risk: protecting your people, vehicles and equipment on-site and off.
However - there’s more to intelligent facilities management insurance than the obvious. It’s a thin margin business where claims volume has a direct impact on your bottom line.
  • It’s rare that employees and sub-contractors appreciate exactly how your insurance relates to their actions – and the subsequent impact on your business. We go the extra mile to communicate this throughout your enterprise, helping manage down claims volumes.
  • We audit your claims experience and outstanding liabilities. It’s not unusual to find FM insurers over-reserving and excessive reserves mean higher premiums. You can always rely on us to challenge underwriters and gear your facilities management insurance appropriately.

Understanding, service and great listening skills are at the heart of what we do - backed by quality analytics, trend analysis and in-depth experience. Insurers trust us and want to work with us. With an exceptional track record in outsourcing risk management and programme design we’re here to help take risk off your balance sheet.

Come and talk Arthur J. Gallagher for all your facilities management insurance and risk control needs.


1 Facilities Management Journal, February 2013: ‘UK facilities management market to rise to £117bn by 2017 report finds’