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Financial Institutions - Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist general insurance for financial institutions helps mitigate the risk to your profits, property, business continuity, data and reputation. We’ll help you identify the potential threats and deliver high performance cover right where you need it most.

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Whether you’re in frontline investment management or responsible for compliance within your institution, you’ll know the risk pressures. It’s a shifting agenda driven by a combination of consolidation, contraction, diversification, opportunity and intense regulatory, political and media scrutiny. Transparency, responsibility, accountability and protection are critical to your future security. Of course crime insurance, data liability insurance and professional indemnity are vital – but they are only half the story when it comes to designing end-to-end risk protection for your firm.

At Gallagher our financial institutions insurance solutions cover you for the risks that often get overlooked or under-prioritised – and importantly, those threats that can impact on your profits. Our financial institutions team exclusively comprises seasoned, senior and expert individuals with the listening skills, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and deliver agile and cost-effective risk management programmes. Thus a collaborative understanding between broker and client ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with the needs of your business. The result is risk management that delivers bespoke, integrated, precision and superior protection: first time, every time.

In addition to crime insurance, D&O cover, professional indemnity and their associated risks, we concentrate on:
  • Property damage and business interruption: protecting your business against losses at own and third party sites, identifying vulnerable income streams, mitigating your dependency on markets and developing robust contingency planning
  • Terrorism cover: protection for a wide range of known threats and includes non-pool facilities to ensure consistent cover across global offices
  • Cash-in-transit: protects you from robbery or loss while transporting all forms of exchangeable currency
  • Employers and public liability; protecting you against awards and legal costs associated with injuries or property damage
  • Data privacy liability and social media insurance: protecting against misuse of confidential or privileged data, especially via social networking sites
  • Pension trustee and liability: protects against common breaches plus negligence, maladministration, errors, wrongful admissions and misleading statements
  • Keyman cover: ‘rainmaker’ solutions mitigate profit impacts caused by the loss, prolonged illness or death of essential individuals.
  • Employee benefits cover: for personal accident and travel as well as appropriate covers for individuals on secondment around the world
  • General business insurance: including motor fleet
  • Specialist covers: for high net worth individuals on your payroll

Quality analytics, trend analysis and an exceptional track record in financial institutions insurance means underwriters trust our judgement and want to work with us.

Come and talk to Arthur J. Gallagher – for risk management that goes further and works harder.