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Food & Drink Insurance

At Gallagher, our food and drink insurance specialists design strategic risk control programmes for manufacturers that transfer a range of increasingly complex business threats off your balance sheet.

Food manufacturing insurance

Food and drink manufacturers face growing risks and challenges. They span production efficiency, margin, security of supply, distribution, perishability and rising costs - plus health & safety. External factors include seasonality, changes in consumer behaviour, new value propositions, intense retail competition, complex regulatory oversight and intense media scrutiny. Add the threats of direct action, accidental contamination, traceability and recall and your have a risk profile that is multi-layered, often multi-national, diverse, interconnected and complex.

At Gallagher, we build bespoke, innovative and integrated programmes that mitigate these risks and liabilities. Complexity is increasing across established areas like employers liability, product liability and business interruption - while supply chain disruption, production interruption, recall and contamination risks threaten both reputation and brand. Controlling such exposures demands forensic skill.

Our food and drink manufacturing insurance team exclusively comprises seasoned sector risk experts able to think local and act global. This flexibility and depth of experience is critical to addressing the panorama of risk that could significantly undermine your business. We’ll help you better mitigate established threats, neutralise emerging hazards and reduce the costs of insurance - plus the costs of risk control.

That’s why our specialist team pedigree is important. It enables us to challenge the norm and innovate in a way that satisfies your unique risk patterns of today – and of those yet to come …
  • Building business interruption mitigation, recovery management and corporate risk transfer strategies that protect your revenue flows
  • Reducing risks that contribute to product contamination, recall, reputational damage and loss of client confidence
  • Improving site safety to reduce employee injuries, re-integrate them on return and mitigate the cost of claims
  • Developing fleet safety strategies that support your supply chain and distribution operations while reducing claims costs
  • Managing property loss control to help reduce the potential for production interruption

We have the strategic relationships with all major domestic and international insurance markets that underpin high performance, cost-effective and focused risk management. Plus we are the only global broker to hold an internationally recognised ethical award. Working with growers, early stage food ingredient developers to ambient/frozen ready meal manufacturers and bakery, we also advise many of the leading food and drink companies and brands - in the UK and worldwide.

You can be confident we grasp the risks you face. Backed by specialist advice, service, risk control, claims defensibility and food and drink manufacturing risk mitigation from a team that shares your values for excellence.

Talk to Gallagher – for an innovative and far-reaching approach to food and drink risk management that goes further and works harder.