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Healthcare - Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist healthcare risk management solutions transfer risk for a range of organisations involved in medicine, clinical trials, medical technology and the provision of care. While you concentrate on development and delivery of your business, we’ll look after the hazards that threaten your assets, balance sheet and reputation.

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Healthcare is the target of intense regulatory, political, legislative and media scrutiny. Fast moving and intensely competitive, reform is a permanent state. The potential threats are significant and wide-ranging. Whether it’s the efficacy of a given treatment, technology and trial or the liabilities you face delivering medical insurance programmes or patient care, the risks are complex and often come with a heavy financial burden. With malpractice, negligence and duty of candour, the risks are onerous. In addition, the switch to electronic medical records opens up a huge new cyber risk exposures.

That’s why it’s reassuring to know there’s a healthcare risk management partner you can work with that has the breadth of experience and proven capability to identify – then manage down – the impact of risk and its total cost. At Gallagher, our bespoke healthcare risk insurance solutions are designed for high-performance, cost-effective, and comprehensive protection across your diverse exposures - great and small, operational and structural.

Our healthcare risk insurance team exclusively comprises seasoned, senior and hands-on professionals. It’s a unique approach that pays dividends. We have the listening skills, curiosity, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and place innovative, cost-effective risk management programmes that are in a class of their own. Thus a truly collaborative understanding between broker and client ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with the needs of your organisation.

Where we can help:
  • Strategic risk identification, planning and monitoring across legislation and regulation
  • Alternative risk financing options that offset financial volatility
  • All professional indemnity, public liability and health & safety covers – including duty of candour
  • Claims and incident management reporting
  • Medical products, technology and clinical trials exposure – plus product liability and recall
  • Fixed asset insurance and property cover
  • Business interruption and business continuity planning
  • Protection for your supply chain integrity, contracts and assets
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Employee catastrophe exposure
  • Data breach and data privacy insurance
  • Environmental insurance

Our objective is two-fold: to lower your total cost of risk while enhancing protection. Be confident in our capability, reach and purchasing power. As the only global broker to hold an internationally recognised ethical award, trust in our integrity. With the specialist skills of our healthcare risk management team, rely on agile and far-sighted protection.

Come and talk to Arthur J. Gallagher – for comprehensive healthcare risk insurance programmes that are a breed apart.