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Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing - Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist manufacturing and engineering insurance solutions help transfer major risk off your balance sheet. Our bespoke, innovative and cost-effective approach to manufacturing insurance works in concert with your business to increase liquidity, reduce costs and nurture value.

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Manufacturing faces high-risk pressure from all angles: investment, energy, environment, raw materials, regulation, safety, international supply systems, human capital costs, processes and new technology. The mature, consolidating western markets face strong and growing competition from emerging eastern powerhouses. From heavy engineering to advanced technology manufacturing – in the UK or globally - you seek intelligent, innovative risk management programmes that take people, asset and business protection to the next level.

At Gallagher, we design and place just such risk programmes for global enterprises. Heavy manufacturing faces a growing number of non-traditional liabilities in addition to those already well established. Our manufacturing and heavy engineering insurance programmes help you tackle both with confidence while simultaneously managing down your total cost of risk.

Uniquely, our manufacturing and heavy engineering insurance account professionals are all seasoned sector risk experts – and exclusively so. Such consistent depth of hands-on experience is critical to addressing levels of risk that could potentially break your business. We have the superior listening skills; commercial curiosity, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and place innovative, cost-effective manufacturing risk management programmes that are a class apart. Thus we forge a truly collaborative understanding between broker and client. One that ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with your key business imperatives like a second skin.

Our approach is three-fold:
  • Protect value: from sourcing and supply chain to the factory floor, we identify the key risks that could erode or destroy value within your business – today and in the future
  • Increase liquidity: we design risk-financing strategies that optimise your capital allocation
  • Panoramic cost reduction: we drive down the total cost of risk within your business. Our in-house research shows that premiums average just 35% of a manufacturer’s total risk cost

Cost savings, improved end-to-end protection, global reach and quality analytics are a given – as is the complete, integrated toolbox of manufacturing risk management solutions that make up a high performance major risks programme. The value we add is drawn from our exceptional team pedigree and longevity. The natural grasp of procurement complexity. The ability to navigate intricate cross-border regulatory environments. The agility to adjust to new labour systems in new locations. The skills to integrate global manufacturing risk programmes seamlessly at a local level. Simply and cost-effectively. First time, every time.

So come and talk to Gallagher - for manufacturing and heavy engineering insurance programmes that go further and work harder.