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Information, communication and technology insurance

Gallagher’s specialist ICT insurance solutions take a broader view of your tech risk, going further to lower your total cost of risk and take pressure off your balance sheet.

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ICT is a fast moving business without borders. Increasingly few of our daily actions escape interaction with devices or the communications networks that drive them. Disruptions to your business can often have a direct – and sudden - impact on your ability to deliver; high customer expectation of technology products and services merely compounds that risk. Then factor in issues like IPR, regulation, network integrity, data security and global supply chains. It becomes clear your technology insurance strategy - and the technology insurance products that underpin it – must be integrated and tailor-made to deliver cost-effective and far-sighted protection that can adapt to rapid change.

At Gallagher our lCT insurance solutions mitigate commercial and operational risk throughout your supply chain - from R&D, sourcing and procurement to the point of sale or service delivery. Our ICT team exclusively comprises only seasoned, senior and expert individuals with the listening skills, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and deliver agile and cost-effective risk management programmes. Thus a collaborative understanding between broker and client ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with the needs of your business.

Where we add commercial technology insurance and risk management value:
  • Strategic risk review: we explore your risks today and risks tomorrow. It’s critical to designing an effective, supple and future-proofed technology insurance programme
  • Policy stress testing: we demonstrate how your technology insurance underwriter will respond in advance of a claim – vital to shaping your risk management strategy
  • Supply chain impact: we protect your bottom line by analysing and quantifying the exposures and interdependencies within your supply chain
  • Contractual gap analysis: we analyse your ability to pass claims down to suppliers - important for assessing how your insurance responds
Where we add operational technology insurance and risk management value:
  • Traditional fire, theft, property and accidental damage losses
  • All liability and professional indemnity covers – plus motor fleet
  • Contractual cover for disputes with customers, suppliers and third parties
  • Crisis management response to defend your brand and reputation
  • Loss or damage to intangible assets like customer data or software
  • The financial implications of downtime and its impact on profitability
  • Data breach and the cash flow implications to your business
  • Protecting intellectual property assets and your R&D pipeline
  • Shielding the critical value of your suppliers and large customers

Be confident in our capability, reach and purchasing power. Trust in our expertise, experience, sharp eye and technology insurance risk management skills to deliver simplicity, value and long-lasting performance.

So come and talk to Arthur J. Gallagher – for comprehensive technology liability risk design and management.