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Metal Manufacturers Insurance

Gallagher’s specialist metal manufacturing insurance programmes help improve loss control, reduce the total cost of risk and protect your business against major liabilities.

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Metals manufacturing is high risk – from long tail employers and third party liabilities to mission-critical fire engineering and health & safety. Many metal sectors are consolidating to sustain competitive edge. Listed manufacturers are adapting to changing regulatory frameworks. Combined with exposures associated with investment, energy, environment, raw materials, international supply systems, interdependency, new processes and new technology, the strategic risks you face are multi-layered, interconnected, diverse and complex.

Mitigating this level of risk demands experience. At Arthur J. Gallagher, our metals manufacturing insurance account professionals are all seasoned sector risk experts – and exclusively so. Such depth of hands-on experience is critical to addressing levels of risk that could potentially break your business. We’ll help you better mitigate established risk, neutralise emerging threats and manage down their combined total cost to your bottom line.

Cost savings, improved end-to-end protection, global reach and strategic risk analysis are a given – as is the integrated toolbox of metals manufacturing insurance products that comprise a high performance major risks programme.

Such expertise is recognised by the insurance markets. Underwriters trust us and want to work with us.

Talk to Gallagher - for metals manufacturing insurance programmes that improve the long-term resilience of your business.

The value we add is drawn from our exceptional team pedigree and longevity – and then how we apply it.
  • Innovation: significant experience in designing non-conventional single-class or cross-class programmes with original alternatives to insurers' security requirements.
  • Risk management: we employ various risk management systems that peer-assess client performance. These are backed by bespoke critical plant analysis and an integrated, continuous improvement platform for managing health & safety compliance.
  • Standards: there are no current and commonly agreed international standards for risk management in metals manufacturing. We have taken the lead in designing benchmark principles for our clients that reduce the chances of major fire accidents in the processing environment.
  • Liquidity: we specialise in designing integrated risk-financing strategies that optimise your capital allocation.