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Motor Dealership Insurance

The Gallagher Motor Trade Insurance Team delivers cover which encompasses the full spectrum of motorcycle businesses including both multi-national and non-franchised dealerships. We are automotive specialists, and for over 50 years we have focused on arranging individual insurance cover which reflects the needs of your business.

Automotive Dealership Insurance

Our nationwide team of motor trade insurance brokers, working alongside a wide range of specialist underwriters, place over £33 million of premiums annually. The Gallagher Motor Trade Insurance Team only place motor trade insurance, so they are well versed in identifying the risks that your motorcycle, motorhome and caravan or car dealership faces both on premises and on the road. They will work with you to create a tailored policy that’s right for your business.

We are a family-run firm with a strong service ethic, able to use local knowledge while tapping into global resources. We are one of the largest brokers in the world, our size and insurance footprint means we can deliver policies that are exclusive to us. We understand automotive risk, and underwriters trust us and want to work with us. We create inclusive policies, factoring in areas of risk that other companies may not. Whether you need storm cover to protect your premises or business interruption cover while you get back on your feet, our specialist motor trade insurance brokers can deliver.

We design bespoke insurance cover to incorporate your individual needs, including (but not limited to):
  • Motor Trade Combined cover – this cover protects you against the traditional perils dealerships face, including theft, flood, fire, storm, business interruption, employer liability, public liability (including sales & servicing indemnity, merchantable quality disputes, etc.) and road risks.
  • Risk Management – Our consultants can assist with meeting HSE requirements and other legislation.
  • Cyber Liability & Crime – As technology evolves, this cover will become more and more vital. From customer records to connected cars with internet access, data is an increasing risk for dealerships.
  • Gallagher Business Assist – Our claims consultants will work with you following a major property damage loss, minimising the stress at an often taxing time.
  • OHES – Receive environmental impact protection, helping you to navigate any environmental challenges your business may face.
  • Crisis Resilience – Our programme offers 24/7 support to assist you in a crisis including emergency funds, business recovery advice and trauma counselling.
  • Targeted ‘clothing stock cover - receive cover in the event of the theft of high risk items such as leather protective clothing and helmets.

For more information contact the Automotive Insurance Team on 0800 612 2284 or email