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Musicians and Instrument Collections Insurance

To musicians and collectors alike musical instruments are of great value, both sentimentally and financially. It’s natural that you want everyone involved with them to understand their value and the hazards they can be exposed to, which is why Musicians and Instrument Collections insurance is a vital consideration.

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Our experienced team works with musicians all over the globe, providing cover for some of the world’s most renowned instruments including Stradivarius violins and Steinway pianos.

We also have developed our expertise supporting collectors of all types of musical instruments, many unique.

You can expect comprehensive cover supported by an extensive international network of dealers, repairers and valuers.

All this specialist knowledge is available to you as together we design the ideal protection for your most precious possessions. 

Areas of expertise include:
  • Worldwide loss, theft and accidental damage cover
  • Unattended vehicle cover
  • Unrestricted professional use
  • Depreciation following insured damage
  • Damage in transit
  • New acquisition cover