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Public Liability Insurance

We will arrange insurance protection for you in the event that a member of the public is injured or killed, or their property is damaged, on property you own.

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Commercial property owners and developers understand the need to insure their properties against damage, loss of rent and other risks. But it’s also essential to protect members of the public from risks which your property may pose to them – protecting you, in turn, from compensation claims and costly litigation.

Owning property makes you legally liable for claims for compensation as a result of injury, death or damage suffered by members of the public on – or linked to – your property. Compensation awards can sometimes be substantial, and defending them can also be very expensive and disruptive.

We will arrange property owners’ public liability insurance to protect you up to an agreed amount (your limit of indemnity, according to your circumstances) for any single occurrence. Your insurance can also cover your agreed legal costs.

Examples of claims brought against commercial property owners might include:

Public liability claims
  • Damage caused by a slate falling from a roof
  • Injury as a result of slips or falls in a shop
  • Anxiety suffered by a tenant after getting stuck in a lift
  • Injury caused by a failure to clear snow and ice
Our public liability insurance covers you for compensation payments arising from your legal liability for
  • Injury & death to third parties
  • Damage to third-party property
  • Agreed legal expenses for your defence in third-party claims

(Please contact us if you’re allowing your premises to be used for a street party or similar event.)

Claims brought by employees

Claims brought by employees are not covered by public liability insurance. If you employ staff, you are required by law to provide employer’s liability insurance. This covers you for claims for compensation brought by your employees as a result of injury or illness arising out the course of their employment, or by their estate in the event of their death?

This is a summary of the policy features, full information and details of the policy terms and conditions are available upon request.