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Retail Insurance Solutions - Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist retail insurance products help simplify risk - with the UK and international experience to transform that risk from liability into business asset.

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Retailing is unpredictable. The combination of constantly evolving competition and channels to market ensures trading conditions remain demanding. The furious pace of change in mobile app, internet and e-commerce technologies has created a kaleidoscope of pressure, threat and opportunity. In a business with many intricate moving parts, you need to know that your retail risk management strategy - and the retail insurance products that underpin it - is integrated and tailor-made to deliver the intuitive, cost-effective and high performance protection you seek.

At Gallagher, our retail insurance solutions cover you for the risks and liabilities that stretch through your supply chain - from sourcing and procurement to the point of sale. Backed by quality analytics and competitor benchmarking, we have the listening skills, curiosity, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and place innovative, cost-effective risk management programmes that are a breed apart. Thus a truly collaborative understanding between broker and client ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with the needs of your enterprise.

Where we add strategic value:
  • Design retail insurance programmes that reflect your attitude and tolerance to risk
  • Review your contract/lease insurance and indemnity clauses to identify hidden risk and mitigate premium charges
  • Reduce the amount of data insurers require at renewal and simplify the claims process
  • Bring the underwriters closer to your business: face-to-face relationships can work wonders
Where we add operational value:
  • Procurement: hidden costs in procurement can be a big savings opportunity. We shrink the Letter of Credit tower and support your renegotiation of contractor liability charges
  • Premium price sensitivity: we design predictability into your retail insurance costs
  • Health & Safety and liability: protecting your customers and employees across shops, warehouses and offices
  • Supply chain: protecting supply chain integrity, contracts, assets and business continuity
  • Brand protection: bigger brands can be a magnet for spurious claimants, direct action and worse. We offset the risk
  • Seasonality: it’s a natural variable so we design retail insurance programmes to suit your cash flow
  • Property: physical protection for your stores portfolio with benchmarked retail property insurance costs to ease lease negotiations
  • Franchising: it’s a popular model and comes with its own specific set of risks
  • E-commerce: we have the cyber insurance solutions that protect your web channels
  • Cash handling: we’ll help you protect yours however it moves through your organisation.

You can be confident in our capability, reach and purchasing power. With our specialist team, you can rely on our understanding, sharp eye, service and retail risk management skills to deliver simplicity, value and long-lasting performance.

So come and talk to Gallagher – for comprehensive retail insurance solutions that always go the extra mile.