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Third Party Logistics - Major Risks

Gallagher’s bespoke third party logistics insurance solutions transfer risk from your business. Flexible and cost-effective, our expert 3PL risk management programmes help contain costs, add value and maximise competitive advantage.

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Real-time inventory management, route planning, goods tracking and proof of delivery systems means the supply chain runs to ultra-tight JIT margins with little room for error. You know the importance of sweating assets effectively and keeping a tight lid on costs when you’re running complex multi-client, multi-site operations. With liabilities that span people, fleet, fuel price, goods in transit, contracts, warehousing and stock, you seek an integrated approach to 3PL risk management that simplifies this complexity, optimises costs and maximises end-to-end cover.

At Gallagher, our 3PL insurance professionals are all seasoned sector experts. This consistent depth of hands-on experience is critical to identifying and quantifying levels of risk that impact directly on your margins and bottom line. It’s how we forge a truly collaborative understanding between broker and client. One that ensures risk – and your appetite for it – aligns precisely with your key business imperatives.

The actual policy is just the final piece in the risk management jigsaw. We ensure your 3PL insurance programme provides broad but precise policy protection, is simple to understand, consolidates premiums, provides full claims support and is very competitively priced. Our specialist insurance programmes are flexible, cover UK-only or global operations and include cover for the USA.

Key elements include:
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Contractual liability insurance - including across penalties, liquidated damages and client key performance indicators
  • Third party liability insurance - including warehouse keepers
  • Customs liability – including fines, penalties and cover for non-fault customs liability
  • Stock shrinkage cover and customers stock insurance cover
  • Marine and Good-in-transit insurance on a full value basis
  • Self-insurance solutions
  • Motor fleet insurance.
In addition we offer bolt-on Gold Standard 3PL logistics insurance policies unique to Gallagher that also include:
  • Stock insured at selling price
  • Stock cover for perishable inventory
  • Contract interruption indemnity
  • Product re-packing and product recall indemnity
  • Non-vitiation clause and non damage denial of access provision
  • Fines and damages cover.

For customers who buy their stock insurance cover through you, we offer quick and easy settlement for their property claims. We aim to avoid liability disputes and our subrogation waiver means customer claims won’t affect your claims experience.

Come and talk to Gallagher - for 3PL logistics insurance that goes the extra mile for your business.