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Trade Credit Insurance

Arthur J. Gallagher’s Trade Credit Practice offers tailor made credit insurance solutions to protect businesses against the effects of bad debt arising from their customers insolvency, default or a political event.

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Arthur J. Gallagher’s Trade Credit Practice is one of the largest specialist trade credit insurance brokers in the United Kingdom.

We arrange and service policies for smaller companies through to multinational organisations who demand innovative global solutions.

Whether your need is fairly straight forward or highly complex, Arthur J. Gallagher is an insurance broker whose knowledge, skill, expertise and experience you can depend on.

We offer a comprehensive, thorough and passionate approach and by working with you, we will plan, negotiate and implement a credit insurance policy that protects your interests and supports your plans for future growth.

Unlike some brokers, we have access to the full insurance market and alongside regular market reviews we will diligently pursue the best cover for you.

We are committed to providing the very best service in the broking market. Unlike most insurance policies, we believe credit insurance is a ‘living’ policy and we are available to support your needs on a day to day basis.

In the event of a company failure, through our dedicated claims team, we will assist you with all aspects of the claims process with one aim – all claims being paid quickly and efficiently.

Areas of expertise include the placement of:
  • Whole Turnover
  • Excess of Loss
  • Catastrophe
  • Principal Cover / Key Account
  • Single Buyer / Multi Buyer
  • Top-up credit limits
  • Political Risks