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Vehicle Transporters Insurance

Bringing together the industry experts of Oval, Belmont International, Chapman Stephens and Spencer Moray, Gallagher has a depth of experience in the vehicle transport sector representing a significant proportion of the UK’s vehicle transport operators.

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It makes sense to work with a car transportation insurance broking partner who understands the unique protection subtleties you face. With many years experience in arranging car transporter insurance for single operators, right up to major fleets, we have developed exclusive policy wordings that cater specifically for your needs. Whether you are moving new, used or prestige cars, commercial vehicles or plant, you can be assured that we can offer an insurance package solution that is right for your business.

Car transporters will typically carry up to 11 vehicles – so whether you’re moving Mazdas, Mercedes or Maseratis, it’s always a high value load that takes skill and experience to handle.

The same degree of skill and experience is required when arranging effective insurance for car transporters. Their unique aspects can breach standard policy wordings – particularly with regard to loading/unloading, the removal of keys, bridge strikes and overnight theft warranties. When arranging motor fleet or motor trade insurance for the vehicles, these aspects must be considered.

Other conditions can complicate car transporter insurance claims settlements, risking an uninsured loss should a new vehicle be written-off by the manufacturer, but not technically recognised as a write-off by the insurer. Main contractors can require high limits - plus there can be issues regarding the basis of vehicle valuations. There are often gaps in motor fleet policies not providing cover for vehicles whilst being unloaded from the transporter.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Vehicle fleet solutions, either on a motor fleet or motor trade policy that dovetails with a transit policy for enhanced, clear cover with no grey areas
  • Exclusive vehicle transport policy wordings for trailers, trade plate movements, vehicle storage compounds and vehicle enhancement services
  • High liability limits – for storage compounds in particular
  • Unique extensions to meet the contract requirements of manufacturers and their contractors alike, such as de classification of new vehicles to second hand
  • No harsh theft restrictions or keys warranties – plus a wide definition of loading/unloading
  • International cover for operations in Europe