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Veriphy Reference Checking

Public sector organisations and educational institutions have seen a number of changes in working practices, including an extension of shared services, outsourcing to independent contractors and realignment of responsibilities. Veriphy Reference Checking can help with the significant issue of people and company checks.

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The drive for greater efficiency has resulted in many employees changing roles and duties, and a greater reliance placed upon new, temporary and agency-based staff and contractors.

To assist clients with the pressure to observe due diligence, Arthur J. Gallagher and Veriphy Limited have come together to provide a one-stop solution for organisations that need to carry out checks on people and companies – including financial, identity and criminal records.

Veriphy, the online checking service provided by Veriphy Limited, provides organisations with electronic verification and access to a wide range of invaluable data. There is no subscription charge, you will only be charged for the checks you carry out and the ongoing updates to Veriphy’s tools and services allow staff to remain efficient and your organisation compliant.

Product benefits include:
  • No minimum usage change
  • No minimum contract period
  • Free support
  • No software to install
  • Check financial, identity and criminal records
  • Checks on individuals and companies