Wealth Management
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Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management and Financial Advice service provides, fully independent, chartered financial planning to individuals, executives and employees.

Higher earners often don’t have the time to effectively manage, protect and plan their finances properly. Our wealth management consultancy service for businesses enables them to offer their executives and employees an easy-to-access package of specialist financial planning advice.

Our clients benefit from professional advice designed to protect and grow what they've worked so hard to build. We provide a wide range of options including investments, pension funding, private medical and long-term care, estate planning, and covering financial liabilities (such as mortgages) in the event the individual becomes too sick to work.

Investment advice – We’ll work with individuals to understand their priorities and goals, and to develop regularly reviewed, tax-efficient, personalised investment plans for them.

Cash flow modelling – We can help to identify the investment needs, growth and timescales which will help people to turn their aspirations into reality: perhaps weddings, school fees or a holiday home.

Financial protection advice – We can help individuals, executives, owner-managers and employees to understand their personal financial risks and how these might impact on their lives and their businesses. Together, we can then develop a backup plan to protect their standard of living and their loved ones.

Retirement planning – The economics of retirement are increasingly uncertain. We can help individuals plan for retirement, providing for their needs and protecting the value of their pension while avoiding unnecessary taxation.

Estate planning – Exposure to inheritance tax can be managed or even mitigated: we can help to ensure that an individual’s wealth reaches their desired recipients, whether family, friends, trusts or charities.

Wealth Management – highlights

  • Available to individuals, owner-managers, executives, and to businesses on behalf of their employees
  • Part of our broad employee benefits and HR consultancy service portfolio
  • Chartered, national and fully independent financial advice
  • We're impartial: we are whole-of-market and don't sell our own products
  • Regular reviews and adjustments help individuals to meet their financial goals
  • Dedicated, diligent financial advisers and wealth managers who will work closely with you

Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about how our wealth management service could help to add value to your HR function, your employee engagement, or to your personal financial circumstance.