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Dispute Resolution Insurance

Gallagher’s specialist dispute resolution and associated after the event insurance solutions mitigate the cost risks inherent in major litigation and arbitration. Our law firm relationships are based on a common interest to increase client confidence cost effectively, helping lawyers conclude more cases successfully – more of the time.

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Whether you’re a law firm or a litigation funder, made-to-measure dispute resolution insurance protection helps give your clients the peace of mind to pursue their claim: compliantly, reliably, innovatively and cost effectively.  Arthur J. Gallagher is a global broker with a dedicated dispute resolution team. We release legal teams from the heavy lifting, putting agile and bespoke dispute resolution insurance solutions at the claimant’s fingertips. This helps reduce risk, inspire confidence and increase positive case outcomes for your firm - and your clients.

Every case is different and our insurance solutions can play a vital role in the case strategy and tactics you may deploy. We take each one on its merits and work closely with legal teams to satisfy the precise needs and risk pressure points that help maximise the chances of a successful outcome for the claimant. Able to secure cover from £250,000 upwards, our team has exceptional cross-border experience, enabling us to place cover across many international jurisdictions.

We have the listening skills; curiosity, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and place innovative, cost-effective dispute resolution risk management solutions that are a class apart - quickly and easily. Thus we forge a truly collaborative understanding and common interest between broker and professional legal partner that’s backed by a proven, global track record. 

Come and talk to Arthur J. Gallagher: all your dispute resolution insurance programme needs - covered.

Our dispute resolution insurance solutions include:
  • After The Event Legal Expenses Insurance (ATE): our ATE protection covers all or part of the risk of having to satisfy an adverse costs order. With premiums delivered in pre-paid stages, fully deferred and contingent upon winning the case - or a combination of the two - we have solutions to meet every case budget.
  • Security for costs: overcoming a security for costs order can be a challenge for claimants who lack financial resources or would prefer to avoid cash collateralisation in foreign jurisdictions. Our solutions help satisfy courts - and by extension defendants - on this issue.
  • Cross Undertakings: a 7-year non-cancellable policy covers damages and costs awarded against the claimant if it later transpires that the order was wrongly granted in the first instance.
  • Human Risk Insurance: cases can often hinge on the appearance of key individuals. Covering the risk of death or disability, kidnap or illness, we’ll cover the extra costs of delay; the lost costs of abandonment or the law firms WIP if the key individual is unable to continue as part of the case.
  • Arbitration Default Insurance: a political risk solution that takes away the unpredictability associated with enforcing an arbitration award against a sovereign state. The policy responds as soon as the state fails to honour the award.

APAD Brochure

Arbitration Proceedings Award Default Insurance.

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Dispute Resolution

Our specialist Dispute Resolution and associated After-the-Event insurance solutions mitigate the cost of risks inherent in major litigation 

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Tax Insurance Solutions

Tax Insurance Solutions: Process Diagram

A process diagram designed to determine whether Insurance could be a possible solution to a tax uncertainty.

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