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Environmental Insurance

With expanding environmental laws and regulation coupled with a marked increase in claims, there is a greater need than ever for specialist and comprehensive environmental insurance.

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At Gallagher our team has the specialist knowledge to advise on, negotiate and place the most appropriate and cost-effective environmental cover, so that your organisation is protected.

If you are held responsible for pollution or contamination arising from your past, current or future sites or activities, it is likely that you will incur significant uninsured losses.

Typically, existing public liability and property damage or business interruption policies have complete exclusions or significant restrictions on coverage for pollution liabilities – especially in respect of gradual pollution, clean-up of your own sites and natural resources damage.

But with our specialist environmental insurance and risk management services, you can rely on us to secure the cover you need to protect your company from pollution liabilities, whatever the size of your property portfolio and complexity of your activities.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Contaminated land insurance for business and property transactions
  • Operational ‘business’ environmental liability insurance
  • Site-specific pollution liability policies
  • Business-wide or project-specific contractors pollution liability policies
  • Bespoke policies for (re)development projects
  • Cover for petrol stations and tank farms, waste management, transport and manufacturing
  • Owner-controlled and contractor-controlled cover for PFI/PPP projects
  • Cover for Public Sector and Education organisations