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Major Risks

Gallagher’s specialist major risk insurance solutions are custom-designed by expert brokers to protect the totality of your organisation – wherever you operate. When it comes to the multiplicity of threats that could break your business, our integrated team has the experience to neutralise risk and lower its total cost to your bottom line.

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There are only a few global insurance brokers able to service the major risk insurance needs of large enterprises. Chances are you already know exactly who they are. After all, managing down corporate risk – and its total cost - is a key part of your job. Thus innovation, flexibility, service, value and the airtight protection that comes with a tailored fit - not to mention a sharp eye for emerging threats - you take as read.

We take these things as read too. Of course it helps that we manage billions in annual placed premiums - and that underwriters trust us and want to work with us. What then puts clear blue water between Gallagher and other global brokers when it comes to major insurance risk strategy and protection?

We are the world’s only insurance broking firm to hold a globally recognised ethical award. Plus, our major risks team exclusively comprises seasoned, senior and hands-on professionals. For you the combination means a quality, in-depth service underpinned by unmatched ethics and unrivalled experience. First time. Every time. All the time.

No surprise then that our people have the superior listening skills, curiosity, technical knowledge and intellectual bandwidth to design and deliver innovative, cost-effective risk management programmes that are simply a breed apart. We blend, share and hone our experience to create a true collaborative relationship between broker and client. It’s a process we call Match, a consultative process that hinges on our thorough understanding of your business. Our goal? Ensuring that risk – and your appetite for it - aligns precisely with your business goals like a second skin.

It may be insurance due diligence or warranty and indemnity strategy that protects private equity deals within corporate mergers, acquisitions or disposals. Perhaps the risk management response to mitigate threats from a catastrophic industrial accident. Or it may be the end-to-end logistics insurance programme that maintains the integrity of your global supply chain.

So wherever you are on the commercial spectrum, you know you’re in the safest of hands. Come and talk to Gallagher - for all your major risks insurance needs.

Key Features:
  • A risk based approach, called “Match” is used to understand the business, identify/evaluate risks, and then design, place and deliver the optimum programme
  • A single, cohesive team of Risk Management, market broking, service and claims Management individuals experienced in working with large organisations.
  • Particular focus on relevant Industry Focus Groups to keep up to date with best practices and to allow us to completely understand the sectors of our clients.
  • Practices delivering specialist services and bespoke products for Mergers and Acquisitions and Dispute Resolutions.

For further information about our areas of expertise, please click on the links in the key products and services section below.

Warranty and indemnity insurance in M&A transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions

A contemporary review of W&I insurance as published in Butterworth’s Journal of International Banking and Financial Law

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Major Risks Practice

Our team are experienced in risk, insurance and, most importantly, business issues

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3PL Contract Logistics

Running multi-site, multi-client 3PL operations carries complex risks that are critical to both your customers and your business 

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Dispute Resolution

Our specialist Dispute Resolution and associated After-the-Event insurance solutions mitigate the cost of risks inherent in major litigation 

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Food and Drink Brochure

We understand the fast moving nature of food and drink businesses and the fast changing insurance market that safeguards them 

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We design entire risk management programmes for a range of healthcare provision disciplines that deliver comprehensive protection 

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