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Structured Credit & Political Risks

If you trade in emerging or unstable markets, or engage in cross-border trading, you may be vulnerable to anomalies in political and micro socio-economic change. This is why Structured Credit & Political Risks Insurance is a vital component when managing risk.

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Without the right programme in place, your ability to secure, operate and manage contracts can be hindered and so, at Gallagher, our specialist team will work with you to analyse and manage your exposures.

We will advise, design and assist you to obtain suitable terms and will be on hand to offer you continuous support throughout the implementation of your programme.

With access to specialist London and international insurers and reinsurers, we are dedicated to structuring solutions that go beyond transactional broking and will allow you to develop and grow your business.

Political Risks:

  • Risks to cross-border projects for lenders and developers
  • Expropriatory acts (including operating licence cancellation, selective discrimination and forced divestiture)
  • Embargo and sanction risks
  • Currency transfer risk
  • Terrorism, political violence and forced abandonment

Areas of expertise include:
  • Risks to contracts (government frustration, repudiation, embargo)
  • Risks to overseas assets (deprivation, forced abandonment, sabotage and terrorism, war damage, confiscation)
  • Risks to receivables (non-payment due to government or private buyer default)
  • Risks to the generation of revenue (inconvertibility, trade disruption, force majeure)

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