Trade Credit Insurance

How our practice arranges cover

We will help you along the way, we'll build a relationship with you and your team and will support you all the way.

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Here’s what you can expect in five simple steps!
  • Placement - Perhaps you are seeking trade cover for the first time or maybe you are approaching your policy renewal date. In either case, we’ll begin by reviewing your exposures and design a programme that meets your needs and supports your company’s aims.
  • Understanding your policy - As well as being guided through your policy, we’ll be on hand to offer day-to-day support so that you are fully aware of policy requirements and the scope of protection it offers.
  • Level of Cover/Support Required - Our team is here to help you achieve the maximum cover available under your policy and we will advise on how to utilise it in order to support sales efforts.
  • Claims Management - Should the need arise, we will assist you throughout the calms process and will keep you informed as we pursue payment.
  • Review Meetings - Unless otherwise agreed, we will meet regularly to audit your risk management needs and recommend any changes necessary.