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Wider, more flexible cover

At a time of crisis, you could find that you and your family are severely under-insured. Standard insurance policies can fail to provide the level of personal cover needed to protect more complex sets of assets, but our Private Clients insurance can ensure you have protection for the things you value the most.

We offer insurance solutions for individuals and their families which are wide-ranging, flexible and tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Cover can be designed to include second homes in the UK and overseas, multiple vehicles and water craft, year-round travel insurance and high-value household possessions.

We can also provide high levels of cover, even setting building replacement cover at ‘unlimited’. You can agree cash values for items you cannot, or do not want to, replace and arrange to insure your personal possessions anywhere in the world, on an all-risks basis.

Keep all your cover under one roof

You might find it more efficient and cost-effective to combine all your insurance into one bespoke policy.

Benefits include:

  • One set of insurance paperwork with just one renewal date
  • Dedicated claims management in the event of a claim, enquiry or amendment to your policy
  • Our team can switch all your policies for you
  • Save on time and potentially your costs

More support with claims

Immediate, responsive and expert help is crucial should you ever need to make a claim.  Our teams can guide you through each stage, from notification to conclusion, and keep you fully informed throughout.

Our specialists also understand that additional care during a claim makes a difference, such as a choice of repairer for rare and valuable items.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Bespoke cover
  • Personal advice and service
  • Broad cover providing solutions for complex risks
  • Enhanced household policies