Public Sector Insurance
Public Sector Insurance

Public Sector Insurance

When you work in the public sector – such as local or central government, or the emergency services – vast numbers of people rely on you every day. We’re here to help you manage your changing risks while protecting yourselves and the public.

Public Sector Insurance

We're one of the leading providers of insurance for the public sector and emergency services – such as blue-light organisations, local authorities, central government departments and agencies, public buildings (such as museums), and not-for-profit and spin-off companies.

Public-sector organisations are required to demonstrate best value at all times. Our procurement strategies allow you to transparently demonstrate that you have procured the most appropriate cover at the most appropriate price. Our public-sector specialists will work with you to identify the traditional and emerging risks you face, and to design an appropriate solution for you.

Public-sector specialists

Our public sector specialists really do understand the risks you face. We’ll draw on our experience and our access to specialist markets in order to design and place an insurance and risk management programme which addresses your unique challenges. We offer support in other practical ways, including insurance fund audits, operational and strategic risk management, property valuation services and insurance programme optimisation.


We’re able to provide innovative insurance products, services and tools, such as standalone terrorism cover. We’ll also connect you with specialist colleagues to review your processes and improve your claims management, helping to enhance your defensibility and cut costs.

Public sector insurance - highlights
  • Specialists in central government plus councils & local authorities
  • Specialists in insurance for the emergency services (police, ambulance, fire)
  • Alternative risk transfer solutions
  • Guidance with public sector mutual insurance solutions
  • Access to specialist public-sector and blue-light insurance companies
  • Commercial and compliant approach to insurance procurement
  • Wide range of risk-management and crisis-management services
  • Audits, reviews & advice on insurance programmes, claims and funds.

We understand public-sector procurement and will work with you to help deliver a process which drives best value. We have combined traditional insurance-broking techniques within a procurement process where all potential markets are treated fairly and evenly. Our approach has supported single and multi-class placement plus the establishment of frameworks and innovative large deductible programmes.

Delivering Better Outcomes

Helping you optimise the costs and benefits of your insurance and risk-management.


Terrorism Bulletin

With terrorist threats occurring more and more frequently, now is the time to carry out a thorough assessment of your current insurance policies making sure to close any gaps.


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