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  • 19 July 2016

    Podcast: Cyber Market Review - A Q&A with the Chairman of CRIF

    In this latest webinar on cyber insurance we look at how the market has developed in the last 10 years whilst also looking at the impact the Internet of Things will have on the risk landscape and insurance policies.

    With a key focus on the variations in the cyber cover provided and what makes a good cyber policy, this session will discuss the key underwriting factors for insurers, how 'fit for purpose' the current cyber insurance market is, as well as looking at what the future holds.

    Cyber Market Review - Q&A with CRIF
  • 20 June 2016

    Podcast: Changing Regulatory Landscape: EU GDPR

    Focused on the current regulatory landscape and how and when this will evolve, this latest podcast from the Major Risks Practice discusses the impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, summarising the forthcoming regulatory changes and advising what organisations can do to prepare for them.

  • 24 May 2016

    Webinar: Cyber - Breach Response Services

    In a webinar focused on providing an overview of the subject of cyber and the breach response services available to support businesses, we cover the impact of forthcoming regulatory changes, what elements should a cyber liability insurance policy offer with regards to breach response services, why such services are important and what an organisation can do to prepare for incidents.

  • 17 March 2016

    Financial Institutions Risk Bulletin - March 2016

    Welcome to the latest instalment of the Arthur J. Gallagher Financial Institutions Risk Bulletin. 

    Here we review the largest reported attempted computer crime to date and examine how financial institutions can stay protected. In addition, we detail another UK IPT increase following the Government’s budget and announce some major recent appointments in the Financial Institutions insurance market.

    FI Risk Bulletin - March 2016
  • 26 November 2015

    Computer Virus Risk: Users Are The Weakest Link

    Just as a car isn't usually responsible for a crash, technology isn't often the cause of a cyber incident. The car gets us from A to B quickly and technology lets us work faster, more productively and from anywhere we happen to be at a given time.

    Computer Virus Risk
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