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  • 16 November 2015

    Broker Expo: The challenges of an increasingly digitised world

    Don’t do anything digital without thinking ‘mobile first’, make sure you engage the right people from the outset of every project — from cyber security experts to designers, and remember that success in the digital space is wholly dependent on being found in the first place through the power of search. These were just some of the key broker takeaways from the Digital Think Tank debate chaired by Insurance Age and held last Thursday during Broker Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

    Broker Expo Digital Think Tank Debate
  • 9 September 2015

    Financial Institutions Risk Bulletin - September 2015

    Welcome to the September 2015 edition of the Arthur J. Gallagher Financial Institutions Risk Bulletin.

    Hackers at the gate: protection against computer crime

    The risk to financial institutions posed by computer crime has increased exponentially in the last decade and there have been numerous instances of high value computer crimes of staggering ingenuity and scale. 

    In this edition we discuss cyber fraud and the implications to computer crime insurance coverage. 

    Cyber fraud skull image
  • 2 September 2015

    Bank of New York Mellon computer glitch – cyber or professional indemnity insurance?

    A recent article in the Financial Times (26th August - Funds scramble to assess computer glitch) has documented the problems experienced by one of the largest custodian banks as the result of a computer glitch. 

    In short, it appears that the computer systems used by the bank to calculate the Net Asset Values (NAVs) of its fund clients has suffered problems following a failed software upgrade by one of its suppliers. This may have led to investors buying or selling funds at inaccurate prices and the funds in question being unable to disseminate accurate price information.

    cyber insurance
  • 2 October 2014

    Controlling the Cyber Challenge

    2014 is expected to be a record year for business affected by Cyber crime. Organisations need to take notice of a broadening agenda of Cyber risks and be aware that regulatory pressures on businesses are set to increase with the introduction of the new EU Data Protection Regulation, which is likely to encourage an even more robust compliance environment.

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