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20 May 2015

Food Regulation Changes

Food Regulation Changes
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On the 13th December 2014 a new Food Information Regulations (EU1169/2011) law was brought in by the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) in conjunction with DEFRA for all companies that serve unpackaged food.

This Law states that all allergy information must be provided for foods that contain the ‘EU Top 14 Allergens.

This new law will not affect insurances that have already been purchased. Therefore, there is not a requirement for additional coverage to be taken out by your business. You will notice that in future, whether renewing insurance with your current provider or taking out new coverage, you will be asked questions to ensure that you comply with the requirements of this new law.

The introduction of this new law will also increase the need for training of staff in food handling. Cross contamination is one of the sectors major issues. All food must be stored in a way that one ingredient cannot directly affect another and kitchen staff especially will have to ensure that hands are washed regularly after handling each individual dish. Checks must also be performed on your suppliers. As always, it is imperative that all training is well documented and kept up to date.

For more information please contact your existing account executive, or alternative call the UK Hospitality Team on 0207 5603960.

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