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9 November 2015

Intellectual Property Insurance for Life Science Companies

Intellectual Property Insurance for Life Science Companies
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In an informative interview with Kathryn Moon, Life Science Risk & Insurance Specialist at Arthur J. Gallagher Kathryn focuses on the different types of intellectual property insurance available for Life Science companies, how intellectual property can support businesses, mitigating intellectual property related business risk and avoiding the impact of third party intellectual property.

“We want to ensure businesses operating in the Life Science arena are receiving the right advice and cover to ensure they are fully protected from the very real risks to their intellectual property.” Say Kathryn.

“There are many options available and this can seem overwhelming, which is where our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field can add real value. While insurance doesn’t replace robust intellectual property risk management, it is an essential piece in the puzzle. Not only does it help protect the balance sheet, it impacts positively on investor appetite, strengthens market position and ultimately offers peace of mind!”

Kathryn continues, “Intellectual property rights, such as patents, trade marks and design rights, are important for most, if not all, Life Science businesses.  However, their management is complicated with a variety of potential pitfalls that can lead to a loss of protection and a reduction in the value of the business.  We want to help all businesses, no matter their size, to identify and mitigate those risks and protect their commercial assets.

We hope that this short video will quickly highlight the issues to consider and the helpfulness of insurance in case something does go wrong.”

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