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5 December 2016

Bad Weather Damage Costs Over £800 Million A Year FOO

Bad Weather Damage Costs Over £800 Million A Year
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We all get our homes ready for winter. It’s no different for your workplace but it’s surprising how often the office gets overlooked – over 40% of UK small businesses lack adequate storm insurance cover.

Autumn is a good time to check for weaknesses that may let the weather in during heavy rain, snow or storm. Also check your insurance polices for exclusions that might catch you out should the mercury drop fast.

Winter 2015/16 made itself felt: widespread and heavy flooding in Cumbria followed by snow and frost – and unseasonably warm temperatures elsewhere. The Association of British Insurers estimates the damage from storms Desmond, Eva and Frank during December 2015 and early January 2016 at over £1.3 billion. The Federation of Small Business (FSB) estimates the floods of 2014 cost UK small businesses £831 million alone – or over £1,500 for every business located in a flood zone.

Snow, ice, frost, trips and slips, burst pipes, rapid thawing and flash flooding create serious operational and liability risk issues for businesses around the country – across public services and transportation, property management, industry and general commerce. While the most serious weather events are the exception rather than the rule, we know they are likely and if your premises are in a flood-risk zone then risks are higher.

In this bulletin we take a practical look at what steps you can take to protect your workplace from bad weather this winter.

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